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    Zdenka Kovačiček sings Janis Joplin for Iggy Popa

    The humanitarian concert of the famous Croatian jazz and rock singer Zdenka Kovačiček will be held in 5. January in 21 watch at Vintage Industrial Bar with the aim of ...

    Humanitarian Concert: Show Love - Watch Your Heart

    23. December, at 21 sat, at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, within the Humanitarian Action Rotary Club Zagreb Show Love -...

    The Humanitarian Concert of Mozart and the guests for the All-American Association for the United Nations

    Mozart's singing studio at peak season works full steam. Zagreb Mozarts, which, apart from Croatia, have conquered the world by traveling through the past few years with their classic repertoire ...

    Phil Collins is out of retirement one-time

    English rocker Phil Collins, one of the most successful musicians in the 1980s, will retire shortly for a humanitarian concert in Miami in December. Former singer ...