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    Not Whitesnake, but Wine and Cinema: Here We Go Again!

    For the fourth year in a row, thanks to the enthusiasm of Jelena Bulum, filmmakers and vinothekes come to theirs at the Bornstein wine bar where a glass of carefully chosen ...

    Review of the 2016 movie: numerous world awards

    Croatian movie in cinemas During 2016. the 22 titles in the domestic distribution were made, of which 20 is co-financed through the public calls of the Center, and seven are ...

    India in Europe cinema

    The Indian Cinema Cycle at Cinema Europa "India in the Cinema" will try to show you the experience of going to the cinema in India and giving the film a ...

    Premiere of Christmas Film Snježane Tribuson

    Zagreb's audience in CineStar Zagreb premiered at the Branimir Center last night for the first time in comic love affairs and accidents of the liking of the new Christmas comedy ...