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    Tickets for Antivalentin 2 cheaper to 31.12.

    Along with the slogan '' No Love, Turbo Crank '' Antivalent 2 fills its line up. The rock singers, Let3 and Psihomodo Pop, join the Slovenian NIET. Legendary Slovenian punkies from ...

    The Morso River prefigures Flight 3 on Antivalentine

    The brilliant indie band from Rijeka, MORSO, will perform as a prefix to Let 3 at the Antivalentina concert at Little Hall of the Zagreb Sports House on Friday, 12.

    LET 3 - Listen to the new single 'GOLD'

    LET 3 continues in its style! The new single 'Gold' can now be listened to in the radio air! It's an introduction to the new studio album "Angela Merkel sere". Album...