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    Overtors for 'Night Life' and the great return of Paol Magellia to ZKM

    The premiere of "Night Life" by Ivan Vidić, directed by Paol Magellia, was on Friday, 23. December on the stage of Istra Zagreb Theater ...

    "Night Life" by Ivan Vidić at ZKM

    Ivana Vidić's "Night Life" premiere, directed by Paol Magelli, and performances of the Zagreb Youth Theater will be on Friday, 23. December in 20 hours ...

    Sports Apollo and beautiful Borna Rajic in dance performance

    The beginning of October at H2O club this weekend was particularly attractive. To the last place filled the club was eagerly welcomed the arrival of autumn, and there is no place ...

    The Tamburitza opened a new season at Green Goldu

    The best-known domestic hit hit popular band Dyaco has opened a new season for the redesigned Green Gold Club. With an unforgettable music program and dance to early morning hours, ...