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    In two dealers found over 10 kilograms of marijuana

    Police Officers of the Drug Crime Unit have completed a criminal investigation of two suspects (34,37) and seized over 10 kilograms of marijuana and 11 ml of seed oil ...

    The Zagreb police move into action to protect pedestrians

    Police Officer I becomes Traffic Police Zagreb, 12. January 2017. (Thursday) from 7 to 15 hours will take action "Pedestrian Protection". How did they say ...

    The Zagreb police seized over 10 kilograms of marijuana

    The police in Zagreb caught the 29-year-old, who had found more than 10 pounds of marijuana in sales worth more than two thousand dollars. ...

    The death of a man at a nightclub at Malešnica

    Due to autopsy and expert testimony, the Zagreb police found that the death of 40-year-olds at the nightclub at Malešnica 1. 2015 speaks. it was not the result of the affair of the unhappy ...