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    Open 12. the edition of Zgrafa, visitors are waiting for a rich program

    After months of preparation, on Monday, 9.1.2017. the 12 is officially opened at Laubi - House for People and Art. Zgrafa - an international graphic manifestation ...

    Zgraf anticipated the program

    Opening 12. Zgraph releases are scheduled for 9.1.2017. in 19 hours, and 12 official award ceremony will be held 14.1.2017. in 20 hours in ...

    Volunteer for Zgraf

    The new year begins with a great international exhibition of graphic design and visual communication. As part of the Zgrafa 12 program, exhibitions will be presented to Revija and Temu ...

    Lecture to "Zgraf"

    "Zgraf" - an international manifestation of graphic design and visual communication - from 1975. held in Zagreb organized by the Croatian Association of Fine Arts ...